Newest plan of getting High Quality Services:

VIPS can using your points to buy passwords that you like in VIP ZONE(Order Section)
Price:Website price 15%-45%

All you need to do is:

  1. Register an account in our forum.
  2. Register an account in MoneyBookers >> or E-Gold  >> or Paypal >> and also can use Credit Card to join us
  3. You'll be able to choose how much money to fund:

Price              time         credit points         member status           other

Vip Membership (VIP ZONE Points & 28 Credits Main Forum)
31.95 USD     1 month   120 points     Vip Membership       All password

45.95 USD     1 month   170 points     Vip Membership       All password Section

79.95 USD     3 months  320 points     Vip Membership      All password Section

Golden vip  (VIP ZONE Points & 38 Credits Main Forum)
76.95 USD     2 months  340 points      Golden vip                 All password Section

Supporter Membership (42 Credits Main Forum only)
56.95 USD     3 months  50 Credits       Supporter                  All password Section
Clicks on the below link to sign up VIP now : -
  1. After money transfer, please PM  admin(Dowjone or Hoot) for confirm your Vip Membership.

  1. At the same time, you will get Credits and Points for our forum.

  1. You may lose your VIP membership in the following circumstances:

  • Don't use fraud Credit Card to sign up VIP and you will be catch by police
  • The E-mail you use to register DOES NOT match your Moneybookers or Paypal;
  • The country you fill in your moneybookers DOES NOT match the one that you're living in;
  • Log on to our forum by proxy up to 3 times;
  • Not report to VIP ZONE in 3 days after your having received our confirming E-mail, or not giving your excuse in any of the sections of our Forum.
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